Brendan O’Toole is the principal guiding Coventry Metalcraft to expand its offerings and increase the market share and diversify the sheet metal offerings and sectors. Previously the head of CPP Global holdings, which had owned Bowler and had a joint venture with Zagato. Brendan has been involved in most niche vehicle discussions for over 30 years.

The company was born out of the separation of ADV Manufacturing in 2018 along with Dynamo Motor Company. The current roots are in fact traced back to 2011, when the company started at the current facility at Bayton Road. Delving deeper much of the senior team were working together at Coventry Prototype Panels, which built close to 80 off Spykers, 77 off 1-77 Aston Martins, Zagato Geneva show cars, Evoque Convertible, Armoured Arnages, as well as classic E Types, C Types, Healeys, Alfa Romeos and Coventry Climax Cars.

In that time over 50 different coach-built cars and several iconic fine art furniture pieces have been manufactured. This includes classic car builds, Geneva show cars as well as iconic pieces of furniture for designers such as Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Mattia Bonetti and Fredrikson Stallard.

Coventry Metalcraft has shown consistent and continuous growth which has accelerated during the last two years. Due to careful acquisitions of management, the best skilled craftsmen and strong growth in demand for the company’s core activities, the business is currently in a rapidly accelerating business phase with revenues growing year on year.

Coventry Metalcraft is now uniquely placed in the specialist sheet metal sector by having the capability to provide a full service for design, engineering, manufacture, paint/trim and final assembly of ultra-high quality niche vehicles.  The market for such products and services is growing very quickly with all the major OEMs and individual car manufacturers seeking to offer super-premium derivatives or extension products to support client brand position strategies.

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