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AC Cobra Daytona


The first and only American made car to win the World Manufacturer’s Championship for Grand Touring Racecars, the Daytona Coupe transformed American road racing. Originally referred to as the “Daytona Car,” the coupe officially earned its name while being built for the Daytona race.

The Daytona Coupe combines innovations of the past, technology from the future and captivating style to deliver a new generation of classic muscle.

Coventry Metalcraft produced two coach built BIW Daytona coupe bodies for Superformance in South Africa.  

We received a free issue glass fibre donor car and used this as tooling to manufacture parts and the final BIW.

Great care was need by our skilled wheelers and forming team. From initial release of donor car to 1st of BIW took 12 weeks. The second car was slightly quicker and took 10 weeks.

Additional tooling was required, and those areas of hard forming were scanned, surfaced and resin board formers produced.  The body was made in sections and then welded, cleaned off and assembled.

All panels and assemblies are passed off using stringent visual and dimensional inspection criteria.

The bodies are finally critiqued by the subcontract paint shop and customer, then despatched when mutually agreed.

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