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Dune Formations Table

designed by zaha hadid

Dune Formations is an organic ensemble of unique furniture elements. The body of work has been created exclusively for the David Gill Galleries London and is a continuation of Zaha Hadid’s research and exploration into the dialogue of material geometry. 

David Gill Galleries and Zaha Hadid introduced the Dune Formations installation to be previewed at the Scuola dei Mercanti during the Venice Biennale in 2007.

Every piece of the installation challenges traditional Cartesian geometries by blending vertical and horizontal into continuous three-dimensional surfaces. Advanced 3d modelling techniques are combined with the processes of digital production and innovative materials. Metal and resins are melted into sinuous shapes, finished with a bespoke golden orange colour created in the UK.

Dune Formations emerge as a series of distinct elements, all generated by a common series of topological rules and differentiated by unique design features. The elements nest into each other to form a dynamic three-dimensional ensemble, where each object affects its neighbours and at the same time has the ability to live on its own as a piece.

Domestic objects are redefined into abstractions that lead to a unique interpretation of an interior landscape. Each element suggests a multiplicity of possible uses, introducing a creative combination of horizontal surfaces, display areas and seating elements.


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