GTO 250 SWB Revival


Coventry Metalcraft are commissioned to manufacture Coachbuilt BIW bodies for GTO Engineering Ltd – which Includes Tooling, Panels, and assemblies.

Fifty 250 SWB Revival customer BIW cars manufactured over an 8-year period. Additionally, five 250 TR Revival bodies are needed in the same period.

We received an original donor car and scanned it, produced a surface model from the cloud data then engineered a manufacturing solution to include all tooling. From initial release of donor car to 1st of BIW tool 12 months. Thereafter cars were built every 12 weeks. Due to customer delivery ramp up in sales two separate teams are set up to meet the demand.

In a price sensitive market getting the tooling and fixturing right was key from the outset. A study of the underbody and chassis had to be carried out. The BIW [Body in white] objective had to meet the requirements dictated by legislation, packaging, and carry-over components to include Engine, transmission, fuel tank, windscreen wipers, side glass and electrical wiring installation.

The Chassis is supplied free issue although there are several additional panels assembled to the chassis before full body build is started.

Tooling was CNC machined from the surface data to include all closure shut lines along with gap and flush requirements.  A full body former was made as well as singular formers for closures and trim panels.

All skin panels had complex double curvature shapes, and these are hand formed using highly skilled craftsmen using traditional hand forming techniques to include English wheels, Hammer forming, and world class welding and forming techniques.

All panels and assemblies are passed off using stringent Visual and dimensional inspection criteria.

The bodies are finally critiqued by the subcontract paint shop and customer, then despatched when mutually agreed.

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