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Prototype Case Study

Dynamo Electric Taxi

Dynamo all electric taxi brackets and assemblies – weight down and continuous improvement phase. Tools, fixtures, and processes to be capable of 1500 vehicle sets per year were required.

The biggest issue Dynamo had was that what had been designed for the project was actually too heavy for use as it increased the gross vehicle weight beyond what is able to be certified but the VCA so the task was to create a suite of parts that had the strength of what was designed but come with a significant weight saving.

52 different parts and assemblies for Dynamo Electric Taxi. The design of parts and tooling needed to be developed along with the customer. We received package data and had to come up with a solution for the design, feasibility, and production of parts. Our in-house design and engineering team worked with production to ensure as smooth a transition was possible from the drawing board to the final assembly.

Parts were stamped, laser cut, or laser cut and folded. The majority of parts had welding as a process, and this involved either spotwelds or MiG/tig welds.

The timing to complete the trials was six months.

Several prototypes of all 52 parts and assemblies had been made with detail needed regarding fitment and dimensional accuracy. All parts required dimensional reporting, ISIR and IMDS.

It was a new concept and a new manufacturing process, and we are working on a fully electric vehicle meaning how you fit and fix to the donor vehicle is very important.

The production vehicle was a success due to the work carried out at the prototype phase.

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