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Set against a backdrop of quality coach building spanning nearly 80 years,
Coventry Metalcraft brings sublime levels of craftsmanship to the sector.

Coventry Metalcraft works with some of the very best brands names in the classic car and automotive sector including the likes of GTO Engineering, Zagato and Proteus. Some of the most beautiful and exquisite recreations are built and developed by Coventry MetalCraft which is steeped in coach building history.

In our facility, our skilled craftsmen produce some of the most interesting furniture creations your ever likely to see and we have worked with top interior designers over the years to produce these exceptional pieces – which not only grace some of the top galleries in and around the world, but also create stand out statements for speaker manufactures like KEF.

You can’t walk on to the factory floor without feeling the passion, and dedication put in by the amazing craftsmen and team that work at Coventry Metalcraft. The knowledge and skills applied to each project undertaken have to be witnessed first-hand. Most of our customers love to visit the facility to see personally the amazing skills and dedication put into each and every project – whether it’s a classic car recreation or a single piece of one off furniture.

The company is also well known for its prototyping and low volume manufacturing too.

This area of expertise allows customers to truly see how their creations would evolve into the final products. For example, Coventry Metalcraft works with Arkonik to reproduce Defender bulkheads in small volume quantities. Each bulkhead is made up of forty separate parts and this low volume manufacturing also makes up a significant part of the companies activities.

Coventry Metalcraft are very well respected as a low volume producer of metal and aluminium products across a wide range of industries.

At Coventry Metalcraft the team is proud to be based in the heart of the Midlands where many of the most skilled engineers and craftsmen work in the UK. The company has invested heavily to bring on and develop apprentices over the years and endeavours to nurture , develop and work to hone their skills on a continual basis and many employees have been with the company over many decades and are true craftsmen of the coach building profession .

However don’t image for a minute that a Coventry Metalcraft is not embracing technology where it can be seen that the benefits to the company are essential and invests heavily in CAD and 3D imaging technology and it is at the forefront of the bonding technology processes so important in automotive technology not just for new cars but also sometimes in the classic car reconstruction process.


Coventry Metalcraft Engineering specialises in providing integrated design, analysis, prototyping, validation and R&D activities for production intended products.

We are a long established company with a rich history. Reda more about us below.

Hand made automotive perfection for nearly eighty years
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The finest pieces of artistic expression for interior decoration
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Idea Implementation and experimental product development
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Please call or email the team to discuss your new brief.
We’re always open to new challenges and are constatntly pushing the craft and technology
aspects of our business as far as we’re able!
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